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What’s new in the Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet

June 15, 2024

v. 1.5.0

Mini-Game and Spatium Points

We are glad to announce the launch of farm-to-earn mini-game!

(Android, iOS) and start earning Spatium Points (SP) making very simple actions.

Spatium Points are in-app gaming assets. These points hold potential real-world value.

The sooner you start earning SP, the greater your chances of reaping rewards. Don't wait—claim your 100 SP Welcome Bonus and embark on your space journey today!

Learn more about Spatium Points here.

New & Improvements

  • Now you can upload QR codes from your device in addition to scanning them;
  • Improved UI for the Support Chat;
  • Better wording for Feeless feature;
  • Enhanced UI for some features;
  • Improved and more precise display of charts inside Coin Details and Portfolio Overview screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor UI fixes.

June 13, 2024

v. 1.4.0

Feeless - More Coins (USDT, USDC, DAI) Available for Paying Network Fees

Now our users have access to more coins and tokens on different blockchains to pay network fees - no need need to look for native blockchain coins.

Pay network fees in the following coins when you send them on the following blockchains (new coins and tokens):

  • USDT on Ethereum;
  • USDT on Binance Smart Chain;
  • USDT on Polygon;
  • USDC on Binance Smart Chain;
  • DAI on Ethereum;
  • DAI on Avalanche;
  • DAI on Binance Smart Chain;
  • DAI on Polygon.

New & Improvements

  • Chinese language added to new UI objects.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor UI fixes;
  • Fixed some wordings.

June 6, 2024

v. 1.3.0

Feeless - Pay Network Fees in Tokens You Send Instead of Native Blockchain Coins

We are constantly improving our users experience perusing the aim of making the work with crypto as simple and convenient as possible.

This update of Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet includes more coins and tokens on different blockchains available for paying network fees so you don’t need native blockchain currency.

Pay network fees in the following coins when you send them on the following blockchains (full list):

  • USDC on Ethereum;
  • USDC on Polygon;
  • USDC on Avalanche;
  • USDT on Avalanche;
  • USDe on Ethereum;
  • LUSD on Ethereum;
  • FDUSD on Ethereum;
  • FDUSD on Binance Smart Chain;
  • FRAX on Avalanche;
  • FRAX on Binance Smart Chain;
  • FRAX on Polygon.

New & Improvements

  • Solana blockchain support;
  • Better UX for deleting wallets and accounts;
  • BRC-20 Tokens - icons are added to top BRC-20 tokens by capitalisation;
  • BRC-20 Tokens - due to the specifics of BRC-20 tokens, payment request is prohibited for BRC-20 tokens;
  • Clearer wording when deleting wallets and accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • Push notifications from Wallet Connect are fixed;
  • Minor UI fixes;
  • After changing app pin-code, backups are no more hidden in the interface.

May 17, 2024

v. 1.2.0

BRC-20 Support

BRC-20 became one of the recent trends in crypto. We heard our users and now you can enjoy receiving, sending and hodling BRC-20 tokens in Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet.

2FA (Two-factor Authentication)

Spatium has being paying highest attention to the security of the assets of our users from its birth in 2017.

Now you can enhance the security of your wallet with the help of two-factor authentication. As a second factor we recommend you to use Google Authenticator..

When you turn on 2FA, while sending crypto or performing any other significant actions, in addition to the password (Face ID, Touch ID) you’ll need to enter one-time code generated by authenticator app.

To turn on 2FA just go to “Profile” > “Two-factor Authentication” and turn it on.

Chinese Available

Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet is available in Chinese for our Chinese speaking community.

New & Improvements

  • Closed beta available for MPC P2P cross-chain swaps (crypto-crypto). No escrow, lowest possible fees;
  • Now you can manually check the validity of your cloud backup on the “Account recovery” screen;
  • Improved behavior of graphs on the portfolio “Overview” screen;
  • Binance Smart Chain renamed to BNB Smart Chain.

Bug Fixes

  • Some typos and wordings are fixed;
  • Some snacks became more informative;
  • Issue with signing trx on Uniswap via Wallet Connect is fixed;
  • Fixed navigation issues when you send custom tokens using the link or QR generated through the payment request;
  • Fixed UI for displaying numbers with many decimals on the “calculator” screen when you send or swap crypto.

April 17, 2024

v. 1.1.0

Feeless - Send USDC, Pay Network Fee in USDC

Enjoy the first implementation of Feeless module. In the first implementation, when you send USDC on Ethereum you can pay network fee in USDC instead of Ethereum.

In order to use the feature, when verifying trx for sending USDC, select USDC instead of ETH in “Network fee” section. You will notice that “Approve cost included” and a bit higher network fee. Please, note that this fee is paid to the network not Spatium for allowing you to pay fees in USDC. This is one time action when you need to pay network fee for the approve. The next time when you decide to pay fee in USDC, the fee will be ordinary or even less.


Verify Trx & Select Fee Currency

Provide one time approve

No fees for approve next time

In-App Points - Stars

Stars are Spatium in-app points which you will be able to benefit from soon.

Currently, only those users who got promo-codes (text or QR) can redeem them in the app and see positive balance of the Stars. Stars management is available from “Portfolio” screen or from “Profile” screen.

Access Stars from top right corner

Access Stars from “Profile”

Redeem Stars

Soon all the users will be able to get Stars for on-chain in-app activities, as well as off-chain social activities.

Subscribe to our communities and get notified about the opportunity to get Spatium points - Stars.

🤔 🤑 Are we going to allow you earning Stars in Telegram? - Sounds like a great idea!

Login with Apple

In addition to login with Google we added possibility to easily create your wallet and login with Apple. Login with Apple is available for iOS users only.

Onboard with Google, Apple or Email

Cloud Backup - More Powerful & Convenient

Now you can secure your assets with cloud backup seamlessly either during registration with Google and Apple or later on going to Profile > Account Recovery. Backup to your iCloud is available for iOS users only. Android users can save backup file to their Google Drive.

The file is saved to the specific folder “DO NOT DELETE Spatium Backup” on your Cloud provider.

One more cool thing is that if you created account with Apple, and then you create backup to Google Drive via “Profile > Account recovery”, the next time you will be able to login into your account also with Google.

Please, note that we recommend you to create QR backup in addition to cloud backups. QR backup is also available from “Profile > Account recovery”.

Improved Design of Portfolio Screen

We made user experience and interface of “Portfolio” screen more convenient an pleasant. Now you can see more assets fitted within the screen, coin/token network, more readable colors of the texts.

Previous UI

Improved UX and UI

New & Improvements

  • Improved UI on the Splash screen;
  • Improved App icon;
  • Changed wording of “Miner fee” to “Network fee”;

Bug Fixes

  • Some typos and wordings are fixed;
  • During connection to RainbowKit via Wallet Connect Spatium doesn’t crash anymore;
  • Fixed navigation when you cancel private key export;
  • The problem with closing modal during account creation with google is solved;
  • Navigation issues fixed when you cancel registration or login.

April 1, 2024

v. 1.0.1

Custom Tokens Support

From this version you can receive, manage and send custom tokens.

Even if some tokens you are interested in are not displayed on “Manage assets” screen, still you can receive, manage and send them.

“Portfolio” Screen

“Manage assets” Screen

Please, note, that for security purposes, when you received custom token it won’t be displayed on your “Portfolio” (Home) screen automatically. You need to turn it on manually on “Manage assets” screen to see it on “Portfolio” screen, send and manage the token.

Please, before turning on the received custom token, make sure you trust the sender.

Moreover, for security purposes, receive operations for custom tokens also won’t be displayed on the “Activity” screen.

New & Improvements

  • Notifications - in case you successfully deleted your Spatium account, you’ll receive snack confirmation;
  • Cloud backup - we added the article to our knowledge base on how to backup your Spatium wallet as well as links on some screens of the app;
  • QR Backup - on Android devices your QR backup is saved to specific Spatium folder.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with authorisation codes;
  • Login with Google - when you close native google modal with account selection, you don’t see error snack any more;
  • Cloud backup - fixed an issue with cloud backup (Google Drive) happening sometimes during registration;
  • Send operations - you can send BNB again;
  • Receive operations - fixed an issue with the format of addresses when you share them using “share” button;
  • Manage assets - tokens list is back;
  • Portfolio Overview - you can see ROI stats again in percentage and fiat;
  • Portfolio Overview - some fixes to the behaviour of the the line chart;
  • Minor adjustments to some wordings;
  • Minor UI adjustments.

March 22, 2024

v. 1.0.0

Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet Released

We are happy to release the first public version of self-custodial Spatium Feeless Bitcoin Wallet for iOS and Android.

The wallet is not simply the tool for managing crypto assets, it is:

  • part of Spatium Bitcoin scaling solution based on MPC;
  • easy way to get into crypto and web3;
  • specifically, simple gateway to enter Bitcoin ecosystem;
  • the tool to earn on crypto in UX-friendly manner.

The wallet is a milestone on the way to accomplishing Spatium’s mission and making our vision real.

Spatium’s mission is to scale Bitcoin, connect it with other blockchains, remove web3 adoption barriers for end-users. We see a world where everyone can easily get on board of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, benefit from decentralized finances, freely move assets across any blockchain without caring about network fees, complicated transaction logic and other blockchain complexities.

Spatium sets that bar as the most powerful wallet in the market while providing unmatched ease of use. We have combined a set of unique features as well as pleasant UI and smooth user experience.

We will roll out the features and improvements step-by-step to provide our community with as much value, security, simplicity and enjoyment as possible and impossible.

Follow our progress on this page and in our communities:

What is in version 1.0.0

  • Self-custodial crypto wallet on iOS and Android
  • 100+ coins and tokens available
  • Multi-wallet
  • Cutting-edge security of you assets based on multi-party computation
  • Easy onboarding without seed-phrases
  • Login with Google
  • Registration and login with email
  • Send, receive and store your crypto
  • Portfolio tracker
  • Wallet Connect
  • Secure cloud backup - Google Drive
  • QR backup

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