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Feeless Crypto Wallet

  • Self-custodial crypto wallet on iOS and Android
  • 100+ coins and tokens, including ERC-20 and BRC-20 within a single multi-wallet solution
  • Cutting-edge security of you assets based on multi-party computation
  • Easy onboarding without seed-phrases and web3 difficulties
  • Cloud backup of your wallet
  • Feeless transfers
  • P2P Swaps
  • Farm-to-earn mechanics with on-chain points



Powerful & Simple Wallet Solution

Spatium sets that bar as the most powerful wallet in the market while providing unmatched ease of use.

We have combined a set of unique features which enable the earning on crypto in a UX-friendly manner.


Easy Onboarding

Easy onboarding without seed-phrases and web3 difficulties

  • Start using crypto in seconds
  • Abstract away from all the crypto specifics
  • Get the enhanced security of your assets
  • Rely on MPC-TSS to get a safe and private key-free experience
  • Select the way of creating wallet which fits you better

At Spatium, we envision a crypto experience as smooth and intuitive as popular Web2 applications. Our non-custodial wallet enhances this vision, emphasizing simplicity without compromising security.

Vasili Paulau, CEO at Spatium


Feeless transactions

Pay blockchain fee in currency you send

  • No more hussle in finding native coin to pay blockchain fee for sending transaction
  • Spatium covers the fee. User pays in any currency
  • Works with any blockchain


Cross-chain P2P Swaps.

Cheaper than ever

Closed Beta

Enjoy cheapest ever cross-chain P2P swaps guaranteed by MPC

  • Perform P2P swaps in just two simple transactions from one user to another
  • Lower fees cannot be imagined since no escrow is involved
  • Lower fees than with DEX
  • Safer than with CEX
  • Security of the deal and your assets guaranteed by Spatium MPC
  • Spatium does not take fee for P2P swaps
  • Smooth entry to Bitcoin from any blockchain


Cloud Backup

Secure your assets with encrypted cloud backup

  • Save the encrypted access key to your wallet on your preferred cloud provider
  • Restore the access to your assets anytime from your cloud


Spatium is the only solution you need to get simple access to crypto and web3 world.

Store, send, receive, buy, sell, swap cheaper than ever and earn - all you need in one simple and secure solution.


Manage your assets through multiple wallets within one account


Spatium is available on iOS and Android

Enhanced Security

MPC technology, 2FA, cloud and paper backups

Wallet Connect

Connect to any dApp via Wallet Connect

No private key difficulties

Farm-to-earn — earn points on-chain

Activity Notifications

Coming Soon

Spam Filters

Coming Soon

NFT & Ordinals Support

Coming Soon

Crypto Inheritance


Pre-built On/Off ramp


Earn Passive Income


Earn Spatium Points and Gain Real-World Benefits Join Now and — Don't Be Left Behind


Spatium Points are in-app on-chain gaming assets. The points hold potential real-world value.


Download Spatium Feeless Crypto Wallet(Android, iOS) and start earning Spatium Points (SP) on-chain making very simple actions.


Don't wait—claim your 100 SP Welcome Bonus and embark on your space journey today!

Cutting-Edge Security for your Assets

Spatium is the team who first applied MPC cryptography to protect crypto assets in 2017.

We continue to put security of your assets without compromising convenience as our top priority.

Only you own and control your assets

Neither Spatium nor any other party have access to your assets, only you do

Spatium replaces the Private Key with two independently generated shards which together sign the transaction. Shard 1 is controlled by user, Shard 2 by Spatium. User always has access to Shard 2 for recovery purpose.

User always retain control and transactions are initiated based on his intent. Spatium acts as security guarantor and enables unique features making crypto simple.

Non-Custodial Wallet

Spatium is a non-custodial crypto wallet powered by multi-party computation (MPC) cryptography

MPC-powered Technology

We replace Private Key with a set of shards that are generated, stored and processed independently and never held in one place

No Seed Phrases

No need in complicated mnemonics such as seed phrases

MPC Scheme

Zero Trust - Highest Security


Spatium Becomes Better for You

Checkout our roadmap

Phase 1

  • MPC powered crypto wallet on iOS and Android

  • Easy login with Google & Apple

  • Cloud backup

  • Send & receive crypto

  • Feeless - pay network fee in currency you send

  • Chinese available

Phase 2

  • MPC P2P cross-chain swaps (crypto-crypto), no escrow and with lowest fees - closed beta

  • BRC-20 support

  • Feeless - more coins and chains available

  • Farm-to-earn — users earn points on-chain inside mobile wallet and get a chance for real value

  • Farm-to-earn — referral program

  • Farm-to-earn — tasks

  • Farm-to-earn — available as Telegram mini app

Phase 3

  • Crypto Wallet — available as Telegram mini app

  • More chains available

  • P2P swaps: public version, AML & wallet rankings available, enhanced security

  • Feeless - up to 30% network fee reduction

  • Rewards to Spatium users

  • Audits passed

  • Open source (Phases 1-2)

Phase 4

  • Buy & sell crypto

  • P2P swaps: fiat-crypto swaps, commission for swaps

  • P2P swaps and Feeless available in Spatium WaaS

  • Desktop version, browser extension

  • Web3 firewall

  • Staking available

  • Crypto inheritance

  • Audits passed

  • Open source (Phases 3-4)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MPC used in Spatium?

MPC is a cutting-edge cryptographic technology that provides highest level of assets security and helps to eliminate the obstacles new users might have while operating crypto wallets, such as the use of seed phrases. MPC substitutes the private key (provides access to digital assets) with two (or more) secrets (shards). One secret is stored on the user’s device, the other on the Spatium server. The activation of these secrets helps to sign transactions and execute operations on web3.

Does Spatium take a commission for P2P swaps?

No, Spatium doesn’t take any commissions for any transactions, including Bitcoin and cross-chain P2P swaps. You only have to cover reduced blockchain fees you can pay in the currency you send instead of native network currency.

P2P Swaps Closed Beta Soon

How does Spatium reduce blockchain fees for cross-chain P2P swaps?

Spatium reduces blockchain fees for cross-chain P2P swaps in two ways. Firstly, for cross-chain P2P swaps Spatium guarantees the swap execution thanks to MPC, and there is no need in escrow. That said, a swap is executed in only 2 transactions instead of 4+ used by other products. The reduced number of transactions within a swap leads to fee reduction. Secondly, thanks to Spatium Feeless feature, in addition Spatium reduces blockchain fee up to 30% thanks to bundling up transactions. Moreover, thanks to Spatium Feeless feature users don’t need to have native chain currency to pay reduced fees but can pay them in currency they send. Thus, using Spatium P2P swaps users are able to save more than 30% on blockchain fees and pay them in the currency they send instead of looking for the native chain currency.

P2P Swaps Closed Beta Soon

Fee Reduction Coming Soon

How does Spatium MPC guarantee safe P2P swap execution?

Safe peer-to-peer (P2P) swap execution is enabled through Spatium MPC cryptography. Based on the fact that one of the secrets is stored on the Spatium server side, transactions are performed only after fast audit from the Spatium side. Spatium checks that the conditions of the swap are met and guarantees that assets of both deal participants will be sent.

P2P Swaps Closed Beta Soon

What is Spatium feeless feature?

Spatium feeless mode is a feature available for Spatium wallet users, which helps them to save on transactions up to 30% of the blockchain fees. It is applied for any type of transaction: sending crypto, Wallet Connect, P2P swaps, etc. Also, Spatium feeless mode allows users to pay blockchain fees not in the cryptocurrency of the network, but with the crypto type involved in the transaction.

Fee Reduction Coming Soon